Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Coronation of The Messiah

Let me start by saying that I wish only good for this President, because that translates to success for all of us. Failure on his part is obviously bad for all of us. That said, I will continue to be critical when I feel he is taking us in the wrong direction. With Obama being the most far left President we've ever elected, as well as the most inexperienced, there might be some room for a few good columns here. There will be a letdown after this anointment, because no human, not even Obama, can live up to the ridiculous adulation the left has heaped upon him. Thirteen Time covers this year, halos over his image by AP, and now ludicrous comparisons to Lincoln and Roosevelt before he has even served one day in office. I say if we're going to praise this man's accomplishments, let's wait until he actually does something!

The truth is that politicians will only go as far as we let them. We Americans killed the Dubai Ports Deal that Bush tried to put through, and helped kill that dreadful amnesty bill that McCain loved so much, so remember there is much we can do to keep this man from taking us toward a Democratic Socialist government... which I believe is his ultimate well intentioned goal. He is however, not unlike Bill Clinton, a very wily politician, and an extremely bright man, so he will adjust to public opinion. We can and will influence his decisions.

While I may criticize this new President (I disagreed with Bush on many issues too), what I won't do is personally attack Barack Obama, like those despicable leftists in this country attacked Bush. All I have heard from the left for the last eight years is venom spewed against the President, and the worst of it... not one constructive thought on how to change anything. It will be interesting to see how the left and the media (one and the same) deal with their Bush Derangement Syndrome now that he's gone. Where will they direct all that anger and hostility? Probably by going through Sarah Palin's trash... maybe this time they'll find something!

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