Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eric Zorn asks,"Are Republicans Crazy?"

This left-wing zealot Chicago columnist asks the question in referring to a poll of Republicans in which 57% said Obama was a Socialist. I personally think the number should have been much higher.

Zorn scoffs at the results, like all elitists by saying the poll "clearly shows that education is a barrier to extremism. Respondents without a college education are vastly more likely to believe such claims, while Americans with college degrees or better are less easily duped.

Since he wrote this stupid article, a NY Times-CBS poll (and you know how left those respondents are) revealed that 52% thought Obama was moving us to socialism - and these weren't right wing zealots! Also, we now know the demographics of the tea-partiers. Again, according to a NY Times/CBS report, Tea-Partiers are more highly educated than the total populace (23% to15%) and they have a higher rate of post graduates as well (14% to 10%). So Eric, you got your facts wrong, but ideologues seldom use facts to make their accusations anyway.

When I studied political science at UCLA, my lefty Professor made us all go out and buy his book as part of our curriculum. Yes, his "theories" were represented as "fact" and we were tested on them. The difference between me and you Eric, is that I didn't drink the bathwater.

These Marxist ideologues dropped out of the 60's, and were smart enough to realize they could do more for the "cause" by burrowing like cockroaches into the educational system, and infecting people like you. It's easier to find a unicorn that it is to find a conservative professor at Harvard.

How dare you hold up your college degree as some sort of truth finder. The fact is, I would be much more confident taking the opinion of the man on the street (who's life these decisions affects) over yours any day. And your wife works for the local public radio station... perfect!

And really Eric, if this President isn't a Socialist, you need to go back and retake the course on Government, where you will learn that this President is a textbook Socialist. I actually would go as far as to say he's a Marxist in Socialist-skin clothing. Why do I say that? Because I actually read the American Communist Party's wish list, and he has either implemented, or is trying to implement every one of them. But you are educated Eric. I'm sure you would just chalk that up as a silly coincidence perpetuated by common people. LIke Clinton blamed Monica-gate on a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

Wait a minute... the President's new best buddy, Al Sharpton, isn't a college grad, and he proudly said that not only was the President a Socialist, but that the American people knew it and voted FOR Socialism when the elected him... so Erik, maybe you have a point after all.

So why didn't you criticize Sharpton for admitting, along with those stupid Republican poll respondents, that Obama is a Socialist? Oh I forgot... you would automatically be a racist if you dared to criticize a black man!