Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chairman Obama At His Arrogant Best

In Beverly Hills, President Obama said of Sonia Sotomayor: "I want her confirmed. I want her walking up those marble steps and starting to provide some justice."

Really... starting to provide some justice? What a slap in the face to all the past and present jurors on the High Court... men and women who's decisions have led to his privileged life.

Now we have him trying to take over the banking and auto industries, the insurance companies, setting salaries... hiring and firing! And the man with no experience and two books written about it, has never even run so much as a hot dog stand. What arrogance!

And how about an unheard of 29 executive decisions in the first 100 days of his regime?

As Don King said, "Only in America!" But of course soon Amerika will be spelled with the "K".

Friday, May 29, 2009

Stupid Sarah Palin!

As anyone in the media will tell you, this is a stupid, stupid woman. Hated by the National Organization of Women, any Democrat, some Republicans, the NAACP, all network news anchors, Hollywood, the Gay Mafia (same thing), and probably Ben and Jerry.
Do they criticize her policies No. They have no idea what her policies are... just that she's stupid, and has said stupid things... or was that Tina Fey?

I thought: some could make an argument that she does not have the skills honed to be a Vice-President. OK, that's a legitimate point. And maybe she doesn't have the required foreign policy experience yet (neither does BO). But stupid?

Before I looked up what made her so stupid, I decided to get a frame of reference. What made these other Governors so smart? I found out that the most respected states run by the true liberal geniuses for decades were Illinois, Michigan, New York and California. I also learned these states had the highest unemployment, illiteracy, crime, and were on the verge of bankruptcy, with productive taxpayers leaving their states in droves.

OK. Now knowing what I was up against, I decided to check out Sarah's dismal record.
And you liberals were right... by your standards this woman IS stupid. First Alaska is the only state without any kind of income or sales tax. Now that's just wrong! I then found out that because of the tough deals she negotiated with the oil companies, Alaska residents with at least one year in the state also receive an annual Alaska Permanent Fund dividend. The payout was $3,269 in 2008. From the left's viewpoint, that's really stupid... letting ignorant people spend their own money.

This year, Gov. Palin foolishly persuaded the Legislature to suspend one of the few taxes Alaskans do have to pay, the state's 8 cents a gallon gas tax. I know what you on the left are thinking: those funds could have been better spent going to Acorn or a good racist organization like La Raza, of which Judge Sotomayor is a proud member.

Last year her budget included setting aside $2 billion as savings. That's money that our California Legislature could have used to fund more health care and college tuition for illegals..
As if all that weren't enough, this stupid woman cut a half billion dollars worth of pork from the first two capital budgets the Legislature sent to her. The cuts were deeply unpopular with legislators of both parties. At her insistence however, the Legislature agreed to save, rather than spend, a total of about $7 billion of the oil windfall... shameful! Since 50% of high school grads can't read in Detroit, that kind of money could have been better spent for new welfare programs in Michigan.

So, all in all, I realized why the left thinks she's so stupid. Giving all that money back to the people... people making choices for themselves... having more money in their pockets to stimulate the economy... this is not the hope and change we can believe in.

And I know what you're all going to say... Alaska has natural resources that other states don't. First off, if you transplanted the New York State Legislature to Alaska, the state would be broke in a year. Second, we'll never know how other states would fare with those kind of advantages, because the environmentalist wackos won't let any of the other states look for any natural resources. Feinstein won't even allow solar panels and windmills in the Mojave Desert!

While researching this article, I realized I was now paying an outrageous DMV increase, one of the nation's highest sales taxes: 9.5%, and a huge state tax, which probably won't make a dent in that $50 Billion Dollar California state debt.

But I took it all in stride. Thank God we live in a state like California, and a stupid woman like Sarah Palin could never run the show!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

In case you missed the President's "News Conference"

The first 100 days news conference with President Obama was as exciting as 2 hours of "Striped Bass Fishing" on ESPN2, only without all the warmth and charm.

While trying to implement the policies of Karl Marx, the administration's ineptitude and blunders were more reminiscent of Groucho Marx. But who would call him on it? Not anyone in the Washington Re-press core of hand-picked reporters, holding hand-picked questions. They fawned all over him, throwing softball questions, asking him, "What was your most enchanting moment?" You think they would have ever asked Bush a question like that?

No questions about the Stimulus Bill that we needed to pass immediately for the sake of the nation... but the jobs won't begin to be created until 2010 (an election year).

No questions about transparency, and the Stimulus bill that passed (without the 5 days to look over everything that the American people were promised). What about the fact that it was passed without it being read?

No questions about double digit unemployment in 100 cities, and GNP down 6% in the first quarter... after the Stimulus. No questions about anything relevant to the American people. The media will not confront this President. How can they? They put him in office.

Fox decided not to carry yet another Obama PR event, and instead ran a first run episode of its "Lie To Me", which is a great new show. With the American people finally starting to get tired of the press conference pontification, Fox easily won the ratings for that time slot.
So, for those of you who watched "Lie To Me" on Fox, let me tell you what you missed: Obama's latest installment of what could be called a full season of "Lie To Me".

Saturday, May 16, 2009

General Electric Has Big Plans - And the Success of America Isn't In Them

As the sycophants at NBC, CNBC and PMS-NBC continue to get tingly feelings up their legs at all things Obama, they now have an even better reason (or had all along) to keep "Good Obama" on the front page, and "Bad Obama" out of the news completely.

Yes, the conflicts of interest between NBC and General Electric are affecting the way politics are reported on NBC news affiliates. Surprised? Of course you're not!

It seems to Larry At Large that Jeffrey Immelt and Co. are censoring anti-Obama content from being aired. Whas it a coincidence that GE is the largest supplier of wind turbines and President Obama visited a wind turbine on Earth Day? GE has also set in motion a plan to make billions off of Obama's cap-and-trade scheme... you know, Global Warming and all!

And with Immelt in Obama's inner circle, we now add a dash, I mean a Daschle of high stakes left-wing politics into the mix. Yes, Tax Cheat Tom Daschle is now onboard! Longtime socialized medicine proponent, Daschle has been chosen as a board member of GE's new Healthymagination, a happy name for the company that will drive socialized medicine down our throats. We know this new GE-Obama-Daschle venture will be a big success, because Obama chooses which companies win and lose based upon his policies... remember Obama's still buying their bad paper.

Healthymagination will be in charge of the national patient database, which is established in the stimulus plan. The reports show that GE with Intel Corp is investing $6 billion to improve and make healthcare affordable through Healthymagination. Is there any doubt who's money they will be investing? Yes, OURS!

With the Government handling Socialized medicine, it looks like GE, as its partner in crime, will make billions, while our health care goes into the toilet.

Meanwhile GE’s other arm, Universal, which includes NBC and MSNBC, will make thousands of “commercials” touting the benefits of the healthymagination approach. Am I wrong , or is that what's called propaganda in Communist nations.

Oh, and don't forget to watch for the subliminal messaging that will be going into these "public service" commercials, as the airwaves are bombarded. Surprised? Don't put it past them. For those of you who don't know, those are the millisecond flashes of "Eat At Joe's" that you don't see during the movie, but then afterwards say to your spouse, "Hey, let's go over to Joe's!" Only you'll be getting "Obama is Goooood"... "National Health Care Is Goooood" "Government is Goooood"... goooood messages for the American Sheeple!

Would I be called a conspiracy theory guy if I pointed out that while NBC sings the praises of Obama, GE has gotten more than $130 billion in FDIC bailout money? I thought so... I'd better not mention that.