Monday, September 13, 2010

Blame Bush? I Think I Like It!

I realize we have a clueless administration... making one mistake after the next, and blaming them all on George Bush. I see where it's politically expedient to do this. Bush's appointees were blamed for the oil spill even though the Obama team replaced them two years ago. Bush is blamed for deficit spending, although this President has initiated spending gone wild, spending in his first year more than all of our previous Presidents combined, including Bush.

And on and on... one issue after the next. Many on the left said Bush was responsible for Al Gore's divorce, because of the trauma of the 2004 election.

I then realized that the Blame Bush syndrome is the perfect solution for the rest of us too... especially those who won't take responsibility for their actions, think the world owes them healthcare, a free house, free education, and every other entitlement... like today's youth.

Ever since the lady spilled McDonalds coffee in her lap and sued and won a million dollars, as a society we have been trying to blame everything on somebody else. George Bush fits the bill.

I decided to try it. If the President can do it for all of his obvious shortcomings, who am I to say it doesn't work.

I was late for a lesson this week, so I blamed it on Bush. My student didn't believe me (just like the American people don't believe the President), but I felt better.

I decided to try it again. When I was pulled over for speeding, I blamed Bush. I told the officer that he had screwed up the economy so badly that it was affecting my driving. I again felt better.

Later in the day I forgot some things at the store, so I told my wife it was George Bush's fault. She thought I was deranged, but I felt better. How great it is to have someone to blame for all of my shortcomings. I just feel sorry for George Bush. Who can he blame all his mistakes on? Don't answer that!