Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why no one watches MSNBC... how they distort the news!

This is the image of the man in the following video carrying a gun. As you notice, he is black.
Watch as much as you can stand of the video below, designed to stir up racial hatred, something the left is so good at. It refers to gun toting "white racists" at the Arizona Obama town meeting... "somebody white - was going to try to hurt the President!"
They show the back of the man pictured above, and the gun over his shoulder, but not his face... because that wouldn't fit into this managed news story. You see the man is BLACK... and he is anti-Obama, pro-Second Amendment, and anti-Obamacare! This insidious and dishonest attempt to instill anger is unforgivable, but so typical of how the left attempts to divide us on a daily basis.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reduce Somali Pirating? Have them join the United Auto Worker's Union!

That's right. Let's get these pirates unionized with the UAW! We could see a reduction in efficiency and enthusiasm within a few weeks. They've been without union benefits for hundreds of years. It's time to get them that 3 day weekend, and a huge health care package with early retirement. There might be a little trouble getting them workman's comp, as there is a shortage of hooks in Somalia. You remember how Blackbeard died? Jock Itch! Therefore, there should be an automatic prosthetic training leave of absence built in to any benefit package.
As you know some captured ships can bring great treasure, while others could turn out to be a bust. With the UAW, pirates could "share the wealth" with swag wage guarantees, which would be a great relief to pirates who keep getting the short end of the oar. They would also be able to vote on which jobs they would be interested in taking, but of course... no secret ballot.

If it's anything like Detroit, upon joining the UAW the quality of their piracy should be noticeably deteriorated, their enthusiasm dampened, work ethics decreased, and within a few months, there should be far less trouble on the high seas.