Friday, August 27, 2010

Hooray For California!

This is a most amazing state! How I admire you Californians for your compassionate values! It's not many who would knowingly forsake their futures and that of their children and grandchildren just to help illegals looking for a better life, but you will, and you have!

As I speak to liberals who make up the vast majority of the people in this state, I realize how strongly they reach out to make sure "every human being" is taken care of, even if here illegally, and they have done it by deed, and not just by talk.

We could have had a good school system, in fact we once did, but you showed what you are made of, and let every illegal partake, and help destroy it... but you never flinched, as your kids failed. Yes, you stood by your belief that ALL who come here illegally must still benefit from our society, and you proved it. That's quite a sacrifice.

And even though California is broke, you willingly shell out 13 to15 billion a year on services for illegals, because they are human beings with rights. Bravo!

With such strong humanitarian ideals, you're even willing to let criminals and the diseased come in, as they search for a better life... some for a better life of crime. And even though 1/3 of our prisons are filled with illegals, you won't deport them. Who else would do such things, except for you proud moral Californians?

When it comes to medical care, once again your hearts rule. You make sure every illegal is given the best medical care at great cost to you, without batting an eyelash. As hundreds of emergency hospitals continue to close around the state because of the overload, you don't even flinch. Even when you don't have an emergency room to take your own sick child to, you are still willing to sacrifice. Now that's a code to live by!

I think you should take it a step further. As long as you've already bankrupted your state, and overtaxed the productive people who are leaving in droves, why not just go all the way and open up the floodgates to the third world? After all, you're going down the tubes for compassionate principles anyway. There are at least two or three million Somalis who are also "human beings" and I think you should consider bringing them in. Of course they've never used toilet paper, so you'll have to get them unread copies of the L.A. Times and the S.F. Chronicle. If you've read those papers, you know they will be more than adequate for such usage.

It's too simple to refer to Africa. And it's too easy. After all, the movie stars who won't adopt U.S. kids get all their children from there... it's in style. Put a little more thought into it. I'm sure there are other illiterate and diseased people around the world who are after all, "human beings" you could help. I suggest you bring in at least a couple million more of those.

Yes, there's no getting around it. You Californians are the best. To give up a great way of life for a principle... that's commitment! Boy I sure couldn't do it. I'm from that old school. You know, self preservation... wanting my kids to have a better life than I did... all that crap. I guess I'm too old and selfish to change.

And thank God you haven't been influenced by every other civilized nation in the world... ALL who stringently protect their borders, have tough immigration laws, and only let in people who add to their wealth as a nation. You know, countries like Mexico, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, etc. How racist is that! And what uncompassionate fools they all are!

So hat's off to you California! Keep up the good work, and in ten or fifteen years from now, as complete societal destruction sets in, know that I'll be cheering for you... from Arizona!,