Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israel Finally Answers Back

I live in San Diego. If hundreds of rockets were launched into San Diego from Tijuana over a period of months, randomly hitting targets, killing people... some in Mission Valley, some in Kearney Mesa, etc., I wonder how long before my patience would run out? How many San Diegans would have to be killed before I would call for retaliation? Well, a lot sooner than Israel did, that's for sure! After tremendous restraint, releasing of 224 Palestinian prisoners, numerous warnings, all unheeded, Israel finally chose to take action. And when they did, they called the Gaza residents on cell phones, and dropped leaflets to warn of the impending attacks. They did everything possible to avoid killing civilians, but Hamas makes that difficult.

You see, Hamas, like all good terrorists, purposely sets up rocket fire, headquarters, military centers and weapons assembly plants within the civilian population, and especially near schools and mosques. This serves two purposes: on the one hand, it could prevent retaliation because of the danger to the women and children they hide behind. On the other hand, if they are targeted and attacked, this would guarantee the killing of those same women and children, which would be great propaganda against Israel in the world community.

Did the world community condemn the hundreds of rockets fired into Southern Israel and the resulting deaths? Of course not. Are the Israelis being condemned for responding to the attacks (one day as many as 100 Hamas rockets were fired)? Of course!

That's why Israel must do what it needs to do to protect itself, and ignore the biased world opinion. I say go into Gaza, and root out these 7th century terrorists once and for all!


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