Monday, March 15, 2010

You Broke It, You Bought It!

We now have California teachers who are picketing because of budget cuts. We also have students picketing and yes, rioting around the state at University of California campuses because of raised tuitions. This is all a sad outcome of policies that led to this inevitable conclusion.  With just a little research, the students could have discovered that compensation packages won from the state by unions were a big reason for the hike. Did you know that in the last decade, government worker pension costs (not including health care) have risen to $3 billion from $150 million, a 2,000% jump? No, you wouldn't know that if you read the L.A. Times.

This column sends a message to those greedy teacher's unions and left-wing bleeding-heart students. "Welcome to the result of your inane wishes and dreams."

You wanted to be compassionate. No one should be denied anything, after all there are basic human rights that apply to all. Spending like a drunken sailor is admirable because every cause you believe in is just and noble. You want the rich to be punished, so they must be taxed to the hilt to make up for their "excesses". We need open borders because immigrants should be afforded the same rights that we have. Aren't they human beings too? You are wonderfully compassionate.

Well here's where we are.

It is estimated that 12-15 Billion of our tax dollars go to provide benefits to illegals. Very noble... very expensive.
These benefits range from welfare to services provided, with agencies created to administer the funds. We even have organizations whose job it is to try and locate more people to give food stamps to. More new programs are being proposed, even as we go bankrupt.

The ridiculous pie-in-the-sky programs that are now wedged permanently into the budget have been grossly mismanaged, as all government programs seem to be, and cost us more billions.

The "rich" people you hate so much... you know, the ones you expect to pay for all this (they can afford it, but you can't) are leaving the state in droves. These aren't just the rich. These are the productive people who pay taxes. Do you get it? The people you expect to pay for your largesse are leaving to go to other states like Texas (no state tax) where they are treated better.

So who's going to pay now, after all we can't just abandon all this nobility. GUESS WHAT... YOU ARE!

So I don't want to hear about more whining from school principals, more rioting on campuses by students as tuitions rocket upwards, and more angst from the teacher's unions, as the "no teacher left behind" mantra gets dismantled by angry parents.

YOU BROKE IT, YOU BOUGHT IT! Now step up and pay for it, like the rest of us overtaxed fools who still haven't moved out.