Monday, September 13, 2010

Blame Bush? I Think I Like It!

I realize we have a clueless administration... making one mistake after the next, and blaming them all on George Bush. I see where it's politically expedient to do this. Bush's appointees were blamed for the oil spill even though the Obama team replaced them two years ago. Bush is blamed for deficit spending, although this President has initiated spending gone wild, spending in his first year more than all of our previous Presidents combined, including Bush.

And on and on... one issue after the next. Many on the left said Bush was responsible for Al Gore's divorce, because of the trauma of the 2004 election.

I then realized that the Blame Bush syndrome is the perfect solution for the rest of us too... especially those who won't take responsibility for their actions, think the world owes them healthcare, a free house, free education, and every other entitlement... like today's youth.

Ever since the lady spilled McDonalds coffee in her lap and sued and won a million dollars, as a society we have been trying to blame everything on somebody else. George Bush fits the bill.

I decided to try it. If the President can do it for all of his obvious shortcomings, who am I to say it doesn't work.

I was late for a lesson this week, so I blamed it on Bush. My student didn't believe me (just like the American people don't believe the President), but I felt better.

I decided to try it again. When I was pulled over for speeding, I blamed Bush. I told the officer that he had screwed up the economy so badly that it was affecting my driving. I again felt better.

Later in the day I forgot some things at the store, so I told my wife it was George Bush's fault. She thought I was deranged, but I felt better. How great it is to have someone to blame for all of my shortcomings. I just feel sorry for George Bush. Who can he blame all his mistakes on? Don't answer that!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hooray For California!

This is a most amazing state! How I admire you Californians for your compassionate values! It's not many who would knowingly forsake their futures and that of their children and grandchildren just to help illegals looking for a better life, but you will, and you have!

As I speak to liberals who make up the vast majority of the people in this state, I realize how strongly they reach out to make sure "every human being" is taken care of, even if here illegally, and they have done it by deed, and not just by talk.

We could have had a good school system, in fact we once did, but you showed what you are made of, and let every illegal partake, and help destroy it... but you never flinched, as your kids failed. Yes, you stood by your belief that ALL who come here illegally must still benefit from our society, and you proved it. That's quite a sacrifice.

And even though California is broke, you willingly shell out 13 to15 billion a year on services for illegals, because they are human beings with rights. Bravo!

With such strong humanitarian ideals, you're even willing to let criminals and the diseased come in, as they search for a better life... some for a better life of crime. And even though 1/3 of our prisons are filled with illegals, you won't deport them. Who else would do such things, except for you proud moral Californians?

When it comes to medical care, once again your hearts rule. You make sure every illegal is given the best medical care at great cost to you, without batting an eyelash. As hundreds of emergency hospitals continue to close around the state because of the overload, you don't even flinch. Even when you don't have an emergency room to take your own sick child to, you are still willing to sacrifice. Now that's a code to live by!

I think you should take it a step further. As long as you've already bankrupted your state, and overtaxed the productive people who are leaving in droves, why not just go all the way and open up the floodgates to the third world? After all, you're going down the tubes for compassionate principles anyway. There are at least two or three million Somalis who are also "human beings" and I think you should consider bringing them in. Of course they've never used toilet paper, so you'll have to get them unread copies of the L.A. Times and the S.F. Chronicle. If you've read those papers, you know they will be more than adequate for such usage.

It's too simple to refer to Africa. And it's too easy. After all, the movie stars who won't adopt U.S. kids get all their children from there... it's in style. Put a little more thought into it. I'm sure there are other illiterate and diseased people around the world who are after all, "human beings" you could help. I suggest you bring in at least a couple million more of those.

Yes, there's no getting around it. You Californians are the best. To give up a great way of life for a principle... that's commitment! Boy I sure couldn't do it. I'm from that old school. You know, self preservation... wanting my kids to have a better life than I did... all that crap. I guess I'm too old and selfish to change.

And thank God you haven't been influenced by every other civilized nation in the world... ALL who stringently protect their borders, have tough immigration laws, and only let in people who add to their wealth as a nation. You know, countries like Mexico, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, etc. How racist is that! And what uncompassionate fools they all are!

So hat's off to you California! Keep up the good work, and in ten or fifteen years from now, as complete societal destruction sets in, know that I'll be cheering for you... from Arizona!,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eric Zorn asks,"Are Republicans Crazy?"

This left-wing zealot Chicago columnist asks the question in referring to a poll of Republicans in which 57% said Obama was a Socialist. I personally think the number should have been much higher.

Zorn scoffs at the results, like all elitists by saying the poll "clearly shows that education is a barrier to extremism. Respondents without a college education are vastly more likely to believe such claims, while Americans with college degrees or better are less easily duped.

Since he wrote this stupid article, a NY Times-CBS poll (and you know how left those respondents are) revealed that 52% thought Obama was moving us to socialism - and these weren't right wing zealots! Also, we now know the demographics of the tea-partiers. Again, according to a NY Times/CBS report, Tea-Partiers are more highly educated than the total populace (23% to15%) and they have a higher rate of post graduates as well (14% to 10%). So Eric, you got your facts wrong, but ideologues seldom use facts to make their accusations anyway.

When I studied political science at UCLA, my lefty Professor made us all go out and buy his book as part of our curriculum. Yes, his "theories" were represented as "fact" and we were tested on them. The difference between me and you Eric, is that I didn't drink the bathwater.

These Marxist ideologues dropped out of the 60's, and were smart enough to realize they could do more for the "cause" by burrowing like cockroaches into the educational system, and infecting people like you. It's easier to find a unicorn that it is to find a conservative professor at Harvard.

How dare you hold up your college degree as some sort of truth finder. The fact is, I would be much more confident taking the opinion of the man on the street (who's life these decisions affects) over yours any day. And your wife works for the local public radio station... perfect!

And really Eric, if this President isn't a Socialist, you need to go back and retake the course on Government, where you will learn that this President is a textbook Socialist. I actually would go as far as to say he's a Marxist in Socialist-skin clothing. Why do I say that? Because I actually read the American Communist Party's wish list, and he has either implemented, or is trying to implement every one of them. But you are educated Eric. I'm sure you would just chalk that up as a silly coincidence perpetuated by common people. LIke Clinton blamed Monica-gate on a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

Wait a minute... the President's new best buddy, Al Sharpton, isn't a college grad, and he proudly said that not only was the President a Socialist, but that the American people knew it and voted FOR Socialism when the elected him... so Erik, maybe you have a point after all.

So why didn't you criticize Sharpton for admitting, along with those stupid Republican poll respondents, that Obama is a Socialist? Oh I forgot... you would automatically be a racist if you dared to criticize a black man!

Monday, March 15, 2010

You Broke It, You Bought It!

We now have California teachers who are picketing because of budget cuts. We also have students picketing and yes, rioting around the state at University of California campuses because of raised tuitions. This is all a sad outcome of policies that led to this inevitable conclusion.  With just a little research, the students could have discovered that compensation packages won from the state by unions were a big reason for the hike. Did you know that in the last decade, government worker pension costs (not including health care) have risen to $3 billion from $150 million, a 2,000% jump? No, you wouldn't know that if you read the L.A. Times.

This column sends a message to those greedy teacher's unions and left-wing bleeding-heart students. "Welcome to the result of your inane wishes and dreams."

You wanted to be compassionate. No one should be denied anything, after all there are basic human rights that apply to all. Spending like a drunken sailor is admirable because every cause you believe in is just and noble. You want the rich to be punished, so they must be taxed to the hilt to make up for their "excesses". We need open borders because immigrants should be afforded the same rights that we have. Aren't they human beings too? You are wonderfully compassionate.

Well here's where we are.

It is estimated that 12-15 Billion of our tax dollars go to provide benefits to illegals. Very noble... very expensive.
These benefits range from welfare to services provided, with agencies created to administer the funds. We even have organizations whose job it is to try and locate more people to give food stamps to. More new programs are being proposed, even as we go bankrupt.

The ridiculous pie-in-the-sky programs that are now wedged permanently into the budget have been grossly mismanaged, as all government programs seem to be, and cost us more billions.

The "rich" people you hate so much... you know, the ones you expect to pay for all this (they can afford it, but you can't) are leaving the state in droves. These aren't just the rich. These are the productive people who pay taxes. Do you get it? The people you expect to pay for your largesse are leaving to go to other states like Texas (no state tax) where they are treated better.

So who's going to pay now, after all we can't just abandon all this nobility. GUESS WHAT... YOU ARE!

So I don't want to hear about more whining from school principals, more rioting on campuses by students as tuitions rocket upwards, and more angst from the teacher's unions, as the "no teacher left behind" mantra gets dismantled by angry parents.

YOU BROKE IT, YOU BOUGHT IT! Now step up and pay for it, like the rest of us overtaxed fools who still haven't moved out.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama Throws U.S. under the bus at the U.N.

In a stunningly arrogant and shameful speech at the United Nations, this President did something no other President has ever done before. He berated his own country. Instead of talking about the greatness of this country, and all it has done selflessly for the rest of humanity, this President apologized for all the "wrongs" we have committed, much to the pleasure and praise of Castro, Chavez, and Qaddafi. When these kind of tyrants praise your speech (even Ahmadinejad liked it), you know you are living up to your "America is Evil" mantra.

According to this arrogant President, this country was evil until HE became President, and changed everything. He profusely apologized for the actions of prior administrations, to the delight of most of the U.N. delegates, who dislike America as much as he does.

His speech was yet another symbol of American weakness: the president's naive decision to abandon missile sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, and his recent stalling over what to do in Afghanistan.

He also proved beyond a doubt that he will take the side of the Palestinians and throw Israel under the bus too. As a Jew, I find it amazing that Jews in the U.S. bow and scrape before this President while he abandons Israel. In policy, this Administration is rivaling that of Jew-hater Jimmy Carter's miserable four years.

If America is lucky, the parallels between Obama and Carter will continue, and this President will be booted out of office after one term.

A caller on Rush's show said something very disturbing and profound. To paraphrase, she said "In any other time, if anyone would have given the speech that Obama did, the American delegation would have walked out." Americans are waking up!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama Pulls the Rug Out From Eastern Europe

Instead of consulting with our allies in NATO, the President slapped our friends in Eastern Europe in the face. The Czech Republic and Poland, were not advised until after the fact, that he is scrapping plans for the Missile Defense system he promised them.
An angry Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, declined to take an after-the-fact call from the U.S. informing him of the decision. Obama didn't even have the balls to call this head of state directly, but instead broke protocol by having Hillary Clinton make the call. It was refused, and rightly so.

I would point out that Obama lied in Prague when he promised the system would be built, except that I might be called a racist by Jew-hater Jimmy Carter. Therefore, based on the new House rules, I will just say he misspoke.

This is the promise he made in Prague on April 9th of this year:

"So let me be clear: Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile activity poses a real threat, not just to the United States, but to Iran's neighbors and our allies. The Czech Republic and Poland have been courageous in agreeing to host a defense against these missiles. As long as the threat from Iran persists, we will go forward with a missile defense system that is cost-effective and proven. (Applause.) If the Iranian threat is eliminated, we will have a stronger basis for security, and the driving force for missile defense construction in Europe will be removed."

Here's the video of same:

I guess that was the equivalent of another broken campaign promise. The risk to yesterday's move is that it will further undermine the uneasy relationship between Washington and the nations of central and eastern Europe. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, these countries have prized their relationship with the US and their membership in Nato, but they are beginning to question whether Washington will stand up for them against resurgent Russia. Poland and the Czech Republic wanted the missile defense system on their territory because it acted as a security guarantee against potential Russian aggression.

The Kremlin has long opposed the US missile shield, consisting of a radar system in the Czech Republic and deployment of an anti-missile system in Poland, and the President has just granted them their wish on a silver platter... and it seems, without them giving up anything in return.
Wouldn't it have been nice if we offered to do this for Russia provided that they help us disarm Iran? Do you think Reagan, Kennedy or Bush would have done this without getting something thing in return? But what can you expect from the President with no experience and two books written about it. The man who has the mentality of a Mid-Western Junior College professor... lecturing to all about what is right, with no practical experience to base his pronouncements on.
We know the German, French and English leaders mock our President... now you can add Russia to the list. I can hear Putin laughing now!

Everyone kept saying Obama was the second coming of JC... sadly, it turns out JC stands for pathetic Jimmy Carter.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why no one watches MSNBC... how they distort the news!

This is the image of the man in the following video carrying a gun. As you notice, he is black.
Watch as much as you can stand of the video below, designed to stir up racial hatred, something the left is so good at. It refers to gun toting "white racists" at the Arizona Obama town meeting... "somebody white - was going to try to hurt the President!"
They show the back of the man pictured above, and the gun over his shoulder, but not his face... because that wouldn't fit into this managed news story. You see the man is BLACK... and he is anti-Obama, pro-Second Amendment, and anti-Obamacare! This insidious and dishonest attempt to instill anger is unforgivable, but so typical of how the left attempts to divide us on a daily basis.