Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama Throws U.S. under the bus at the U.N.

In a stunningly arrogant and shameful speech at the United Nations, this President did something no other President has ever done before. He berated his own country. Instead of talking about the greatness of this country, and all it has done selflessly for the rest of humanity, this President apologized for all the "wrongs" we have committed, much to the pleasure and praise of Castro, Chavez, and Qaddafi. When these kind of tyrants praise your speech (even Ahmadinejad liked it), you know you are living up to your "America is Evil" mantra.

According to this arrogant President, this country was evil until HE became President, and changed everything. He profusely apologized for the actions of prior administrations, to the delight of most of the U.N. delegates, who dislike America as much as he does.

His speech was yet another symbol of American weakness: the president's naive decision to abandon missile sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, and his recent stalling over what to do in Afghanistan.

He also proved beyond a doubt that he will take the side of the Palestinians and throw Israel under the bus too. As a Jew, I find it amazing that Jews in the U.S. bow and scrape before this President while he abandons Israel. In policy, this Administration is rivaling that of Jew-hater Jimmy Carter's miserable four years.

If America is lucky, the parallels between Obama and Carter will continue, and this President will be booted out of office after one term.

A caller on Rush's show said something very disturbing and profound. To paraphrase, she said "In any other time, if anyone would have given the speech that Obama did, the American delegation would have walked out." Americans are waking up!