Saturday, June 13, 2009

Four Uighurs (Chinese Muslim Terrorists) Now In Paradise In Bermuda

If you're a terrorist this is a good time for you. Obama, while punishing and diminishing Israel, has stepped up his pro-Muslim policies. He's finally living up to his middle name (you remember, the one we were not allowed to repeat... the one which he uses so proudly now).

He's apologizing to the Muslim world, de-balling the CIA overseas, closing Gitmo, and trying to get terrorists released to countries who are smart enough to not want them. We already have one in New York! The terms "War on Terror" and "Terrorist" have been replaced with kinder gentler names... these people aren't so bad... they probably had a bad childhood! Cutting off someone's head is merely a way of relieving stress!

I'm sure terrorists (I'm sorry, did I use that bad word?) are grateful to Obama for making it easier to avoid being questioned. Did you know that reading them their Miranda rights has already been implemented? Yes, under the "global justice" initiative, which has been in the works for several months. What if there's another attack pending on America? Well, we'll just have to wait and see if they feel like talking about it. This new initiative could be described as a ridiculous perversion of justice, and a slap in the face to all who have fought and died for this country. Yes, after killing a couple of American boys on the battlefield, Akmed might have a good lawsuit against us if he wasn't read his rights. He might even sue for false arrest! After all, it's hard to get the two Americans he killed to testify against him in a U.S. Court.

Meanwhile, as part of the first group to be released, the Chinese Muslim terrorists happily arrived in Bermuda. Of course, as part of the President's "openness and transparency" many members of the Bermudan government were not informed of the transfer, and they questioned the wisdom of moving the inmates to the island located 640 miles off the coast of North Carolina, saying it could hurt tourism, which is Bermuda's chief industry. Of course hurting industry is one of this President's top accomplishments. That's the only way to create new opportunities for Government control, as Rahm Emanuel will tell you. But not to fear, employing the politics of a Chicago street thug (Bill Clinton said it, I didn't!), Obama's also bribing the Bermudans with $200M, which comes out to a payment of around ten grand per Bermudan. More wise expenditures from the Government that wants to run your life.

Also, this transfer of prisoners has been denounced not only by U.S. Republican lawmakers but by the governments of the United Kingdom, which controls the territory of Bermuda, and China, which wants the Uighurs returned. Britain should have been notified as a matter of protocol, but it was "overlooked" by the morons in this administration, who have made blunder after blunder to alienate pretty much all of Europe. How about a Czar of Protocol to go along with the next proposed 20 or 30 Czars? This President is making Bush look like Kissinger!

We're trying way too hard to make inroads in the Muslim world, while alienating all of Europe and Israel. Anybody see a pattern here?

Oh, and don't worry about those Chinese terrorists. They plan to become citizens of Bermuda, and who knows, one day they might run for high office. Of course, they don't have their birth certificates, but I'll bet that won't be a problem...

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