Thursday, July 9, 2009

Franken-stein Goes To Washington

Okay, the Minnesota Supreme Court has said it's over and Franken is the winner. This bitter foul-mouthed leftist weasel is now going to Washington, where he said he wants to work on health care reform. He may be the comedian, but the joke's on us, the American sheeple.

Although the election in Minnesota was very similar to the one in Iran, Ahmadinejad would have done even better, if he had had the "Acorn precision vote counting tools". There would have been no street rioting. You see, In Minnesota it was done with finesse and restraint. A gradual tyranny. Each recount resulting in less votes for Coleman... each district using a different set of standards... applying the ones as needed to detract from Coleman's total. Key favorable decisions for Franken, by the State's leftists? Yes, this was way slicker than that heavy-handed Iran situation. I can't wait to see how these same Acorn people, armed with billions of our tax dollars, handle the census. That ought to be fair and balanced!

I must say however, it is lucky for Ahmadinejad that he doesn't have Franken's talents. If he did, the bad jokes, and the superior porno writing skills would surely have gotten him stoned to death!

Oh, and don't feel bad about the Senate being deprived of Pornographer/Senator Franken for the past eight months. The bills the Senate passed were obscene enough without him!

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