Saturday, May 16, 2009

General Electric Has Big Plans - And the Success of America Isn't In Them

As the sycophants at NBC, CNBC and PMS-NBC continue to get tingly feelings up their legs at all things Obama, they now have an even better reason (or had all along) to keep "Good Obama" on the front page, and "Bad Obama" out of the news completely.

Yes, the conflicts of interest between NBC and General Electric are affecting the way politics are reported on NBC news affiliates. Surprised? Of course you're not!

It seems to Larry At Large that Jeffrey Immelt and Co. are censoring anti-Obama content from being aired. Whas it a coincidence that GE is the largest supplier of wind turbines and President Obama visited a wind turbine on Earth Day? GE has also set in motion a plan to make billions off of Obama's cap-and-trade scheme... you know, Global Warming and all!

And with Immelt in Obama's inner circle, we now add a dash, I mean a Daschle of high stakes left-wing politics into the mix. Yes, Tax Cheat Tom Daschle is now onboard! Longtime socialized medicine proponent, Daschle has been chosen as a board member of GE's new Healthymagination, a happy name for the company that will drive socialized medicine down our throats. We know this new GE-Obama-Daschle venture will be a big success, because Obama chooses which companies win and lose based upon his policies... remember Obama's still buying their bad paper.

Healthymagination will be in charge of the national patient database, which is established in the stimulus plan. The reports show that GE with Intel Corp is investing $6 billion to improve and make healthcare affordable through Healthymagination. Is there any doubt who's money they will be investing? Yes, OURS!

With the Government handling Socialized medicine, it looks like GE, as its partner in crime, will make billions, while our health care goes into the toilet.

Meanwhile GE’s other arm, Universal, which includes NBC and MSNBC, will make thousands of “commercials” touting the benefits of the healthymagination approach. Am I wrong , or is that what's called propaganda in Communist nations.

Oh, and don't forget to watch for the subliminal messaging that will be going into these "public service" commercials, as the airwaves are bombarded. Surprised? Don't put it past them. For those of you who don't know, those are the millisecond flashes of "Eat At Joe's" that you don't see during the movie, but then afterwards say to your spouse, "Hey, let's go over to Joe's!" Only you'll be getting "Obama is Goooood"... "National Health Care Is Goooood" "Government is Goooood"... goooood messages for the American Sheeple!

Would I be called a conspiracy theory guy if I pointed out that while NBC sings the praises of Obama, GE has gotten more than $130 billion in FDIC bailout money? I thought so... I'd better not mention that.

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